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Parents in Los Angeles who were picking up their children from a local elementary school were shocked to see someone abandon their Cocker Spaniel mix. The dog appeared terrified and perplexed upon realizing that his owner left him and was nowhere to be found.

Some concerned individuals attempted to approach him, but the terrified dog rushed away and hid in a small crevice between the walls. It was too small and deep for anyone to save the dog. Therefore, they decided to contact an animal rescue organization and two experienced rescuers arrived shortly thereafter.

The initial action taken by the two rescuers was to secure the dog’s escape path. They did not want the dog to escape again. There was heavy traffic, and he could be struck by a moving vehicle. To entice him to leave, they brought out some chicken and presented it to him.

Despite the allure of food, the dog hesitated to leave his spot. Some of the food was consumed, but he maintained his distance.

The rescuers anticipated that the dog would not leave on his own, so they opted to use a leash to coax him out. They were eventually able to place the snare over his head after a few minutes.

The rescuers quickly loaded the dog into their truck and christened him Rufus. The dog remained terrified and trembling. But the pup had no idea that it was the beginning of a better life for him.

Rufus was transported to the headquarters of the rescue organization, where he was cleaned and examined by a veterinarian. Fortunately, the small puppy was declared healthy. The dog was then placed in a foster home.

Over the course of several weeks, Rufus has learnt to adjust to his new lifestyle. He has also overcome his fear. He has shown his true nature as a friendly and lovely dog that enjoys belly rubs and cuddling.

Rufus is still patiently awaiting his ultimate home, and according to his foster parents, whoever adopts him will be quite fortunate to have him.

Source: Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel

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