Our medics are at the forefront of the war against COVID-19. No matter what the situation is, doctors all over the U.S. are making sure they do their duties diligently and fight off the coronavirus nemesis. These heroes are doing a great service to the country by risking their own lives to save others. People all over the country appreciate the contributions that doctors are making to stop the disease.

And then, there is also this dog named Wynn, who is presenting his own token of appreciation to the medics by helping them get some stress-free time.

Wynn doesn’t wear any stethoscope or a doctor’s coat, but he has become an important part of the healthcare team working in the Denver Hospital. An emergency physician at the hospital, Susan Ryan, recently shared a picture of herself with the dog while she was taking a break from her hectic routine. The picture had to become popular on the internet — and it surely did.

According to a social media post, Susan is training the pooch for a non-profit organization that donates animals to people who are dealing with disabilities. The dog is still under training and has already shown a lot of potential for being a service dog. The canine continues to get on the job training while he accompanies Susan and the other medical staff in the hospital.

The dog stays at the hospital’s social work office. The lights are set to be dim in the office, and some relaxing music is always playing there. Whenever the doctors get overwhelmed due to the strenuous nature of their work, they can pay a visit to Wynn in the office and have some quality petting time.

Susan told reporters that being with the animal provided a much needed mental break, and the dog had been a fabulous addition to the hospital staff.

Image source: The Dogist via Facebook

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