It is common for us to experience heartbreak at least once in our lives. But after this, though, we learn how to move on, especially when we have someone to lean on for comfort during that dark period. Milo, a lovely puppy, is all too familiar with these emotions.

Milo formerly lived at a gas station near the Arizona-Mexico border. The poor dog had no place to sleep in and frequently went to sleep hungry. When he was finally rescued by Sunshine Dog Rescue, it was discovered that Milo was also pregnant.

Given that the puppy appeared healthy despite her previous poor living conditions, the shelter had great hopes for the health of its future litter. However, Milo gave birth early and ultimately lost all of her puppies. The executive director of Sunshine Dog Rescue, Anita Osa, stated that her heart went out to the puppies that lost their lives prematurely, but she felt greater sorrow for Milo.

Milo desperately searched for her babies after giving birth, even tearing up her bedding in the hopes of finding them there. Anita and the shelter workers attempted to console the dog by giving her a plush dog with a heartbeat. The stuffed animal helped her for a time, but she continued to miss her puppies.

To help Milo, Anita searched on Facebook for abandoned puppies. Anita did not find any pups, but she did discover three abandoned kittens. Despite not really knowing how Milo would treat the kittens, she chose to take them in.

As soon as Milo spotted the kittens, she transformed into the mother that she was supposed to become. She willingly took them in and then nursed them as if they were her own children.

When Anita observed Milo care for the kittens, her heart filled with happiness. Graffiti, Toby, and Goober were the kittens’ names, and thanks to Milo, they now have a mother who will care for them.

After the kittens were weaned, everything appeared to have a happy ending for the dog, but Milo had to face another hardship. Doctors discovered that she had Transmissible Venereal Tumor, which is a malignant tumor, during the operation needed to deliver her premature babies. But Milo was brave and faced this head-on and began chemotherapy. She even found a family who volunteered to adopt her permanently.

Milo completed her treatment under the care of her loving family and is now living the greatest life possible! She even got to live with one of the kittens she nursed after Toby was adopted by her fur dad’s roommate.

Milo has endured numerous misfortunes in her lifetime, yet she has remained resilient and relied on those who actually love her. We wish Milo and her new family a long and happy life!

Source: Sunshine Dog Rescue

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