A woman named Rebecca Amey has always wanted to have her own dog ever since she was a young child. As a child, she was unable to have a pet since her brother, David, was afraid of huge animals. Now that she has a home of her own, she can finally have one. Therefore, Rebecca spoke with her husband and persuaded him to get a dog.

The couple visited numerous animal shelters in search of their ideal pet. Then they met Zeus, a pit bull weighing 80 pounds. He is exactly the type of dog that terrified his brother.

The dog’s personality won them over, despite his initially menacing appearance. In fact, he was nice and composed and he was really adorable. Clearly, this was the right dog for them.

Rebecca completed the adoption paperwork promptly and brought him home the same day. She could not still believe that this enormous dog would be joining their household. It was something she had always wanted and she was excited to introduce him to David. She was confident that the two would get along well despite David’s concerns.

Rebecca was right. David was initially apprehensive when he met Zeus, but he rapidly overcame his apprehension. The enormous dog was remarkably still and barely moved around David as he attempted to pet the animal, the sweet dog began slowly licking and kissing his hands. This was the type of pace David desired.

David loved the fact that the enormous dog rarely barked or made startling motions. According to Rebecca, the dog’s favorite pastime is sleeping or simply lying about. This was an ideal fit for David. He began to appreciate Zeus and spent much more time with him. When they are together, they typically take neighborhood strolls or simply lounge in the living room.

David loved their time spent cuddling. While he lazily lies next to the dog, he would gleefully stroke the animal.

Rebecca began bringing Zeus more frequently to David’s home for this reason. Seeing them together brings her immense joy. Rebecca is so grateful that David has finally overcome his concerns and discovered the joy of having a dog as his beloved companion and friend.

Source: The Dodo

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