There will come a time when a child will eventually ask his or her parents for a pet dog. This is a great thing because kids who own dogs actually experience developing a beautiful relationship that can last a lifetime.

A woman named Bonnie Michalek can attest to this claim.

Bonnie and her husband got a rescue bullmastiff in 2016 and named him Brutus. He may be a large dog, but he was also nice and kind.

Every time he hears children playing and having fun, he becomes excited. This large dog also has a large heart for children to match.

In the same year, the couple conceived. According to Bonnie, Brutus seemed to have known about her pregnancy before she did. This must be the reason why Brutus desired to keep her company constantly, which is something that he did not do before.

The parents-to-be included Brutus in their preparations for the birth of their child. And when Bonnie was about to give birth, she entrusted Brutus’ care to her grandmother and grandfather. And by the time he actually returned home, he had received the greatest possible surprise.

The instant the dog spotted the newborn, he went towards the little angel. Immediately, he desired to give the newest family member a kiss and a hug.

Brutus’ relationship with the baby was really remarkable. Whenever Kayden screams, Brutus rushes to the infant to comfort him. Brutus also would bring his large, yellow soft ball to young Kayden in an attempt to comfort him. This dog even shares his toy with his younger sibling!

The dog has numerous other toys, but the only one he gives a lot of attention to is this ball that he was willing to share with his beloved fur brother.

Kayden is really lucky to have a loving and compassionate dog by his side. Their friendship will bring them additional experiences and enjoyable memories through the years!

Source: captainbrutus

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