The owner of the YouTube channel Adrenaline Addiction, Chase Reinford, was driving across the Utah desert when the automobile in front of him abruptly swerved. Fortunately, he applied the brakes just in time to avoid a collision. A dog also ran towards his car out of nowhere. Chase saw that the dog didn’t have an owner so he took him with him in his car and named him Paco.

At first, Chase was uncertain as to whether he would keep Paco with him. Numerous events were happening in his life at that time. He had many more trips planned, and he doubted that the dog could keep up with his lifestyle.

Paco, however, proved to be a courageous and fortunate dog. He was a great dog who kept up with Chase’s escapades amazingly and bravely. With Chase, Paco appeared to be enjoying the time of his life.

Chase believed that Paco would be afraid of the dirt bike he rode. Paco, being as brave as he is, enjoyed riding the dirt bike with Chase.

Chase opted to do base jumping. At first, he left Paco on the bus and went base jumping with his friends. Paco would be frantic for nearly two hours, obviously aware that Chase was enjoying himself without him.

During one of Chase’s jumps, he decided to bring Paco along to witness him do this activity. As soon as Chase leaped, Paco panicked and began shivering. Chase then opened his parachute and called Paco’s name before landing. Eli, one of Chase’s pals, stated that Paco quickly calmed down upon hearing Chase’s voice.

Chase realized that after a few more leaps with Paco on the sidelines, it was time to bring the courageous dog with him. He made Paco become used to wearing the harness, and he practiced jumping with the dog. He climbed one of the large cliffs with Paco, strapped Paco to his chest, and jumped. Paco was loving the breeze the entire time, which, according to Chase, made him the best adventure dog ever.

Source: Paco

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