A severely emaciated pooch who was found in central Edmonton, Canada, has been nursed back to health by the staff at the local Animal Care and Control Center.

Karen Melnyk, a veterinary technologist, said that the dog was almost about to die when she arrived at the center.

The dog named Terra was found on Christmas Eve by Isac Firt, who is an animal control officer. Isac said that he responded to a call about a stray dog, and when he reached the reported location, he saw the dog in a terrible condition. The pooch could not lift her head and was blinking her eyes very slowly.

Melnyk recalled the moment when the Shepherd mix was brought into the center and told reporters that Terra was a severe case of emaciation who was unable to stand and walk. The dog had to be immediately shifted to a Veterinary Clinic. Terra was moved back to the center after receiving treatment at the clinic.

Although the pooch was almost near her death, there was an immense will for survival still left in her. The dog was under round the clock observation by the staff, who kept turning her on her sides to prevent the development of sores. The dog was also provided ample food so that she could put on some weight. Terra also required a blood transfusion and an emergency spay.

The Six-year-old pooch is now going to get adopted by a veterinary technologist who had seen the canine when she was admitted to the Guardian Veterinary Clinic. The dog will be handed over to a rescue group from where the adoption process will be initiated.

Melnyk said that the dog had touched the hearts of a lot of people at the center, and it would be tough to watch her go, but she was glad that it was a happy ending for the pooch.

Image source: Dean Twardzik via MSN


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