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Dog owners are aware of how much their pets stick to their daily routine. These animals are glad to do everything, including any tasks no matter what it is, especially if these please their beloved humans.

Take this Australian Shepherd as an example. He would eagerly await the mailman at the curb. The dog does not even complain while waiting and it would sprint toward the mail truck to retrieve the day’s mail for its fur dad.

At the beginning of this interesting video clip, one can see an Australian Shepherd named Aspen sitting on the grass. Aspen appeared to be anxiously awaiting for someone’s arrival as he fixed his gaze on the road. This scene continued for a few more seconds until the Aussie’s father called his attention. Hearing the man’s voice, the intelligent dog made eye contact with him.

Dad then instructed Aspen to focus on the road. Then, the fur dad quickly moved the camera to show that there was an approaching mail truck.

As it turned out, Aspen was waiting at the curb for the mail truck to arrive. The dog eventually began barking to signal the mailman that he was waiting for him. Perhaps the dog was even telling the mailman to hurry up since he had been waiting for too long already.

As soon as Aspen’s most anticipated visitor was visible, the dog sprinted in its direction. And when the dog successfully reached the vehicle, he excitedly took the package from the hand of the nice mailman. The mailman was already used to having Aspen take the mail from him so he was not surprised anymore.

Aspen abruptly did a U-turn and rushed in the direction of her father. The dog continued to run until he finally reached his father.

How do you think Dad responded to Aspen’s effort at collecting the mail?

Source: Rumble Viral

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