While Hollywood was celebrating the Oscar awards for the film industry, another significant event was happening in the animal kingdom at the 2020 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

During the competition, a Border collie took home the bacon for the third time. This dog is Pink, the lovely Border collie, and she was crowned as the grand champion of the Westminster Masters Agility Championship after flying through the obstacle course. Pink’s personal best time was 29.35 seconds.

Pink has previously won the 16-inch agility class at the Westminster Masters Agility Championship. The dog was the reigning champion for the second time, and she once again showed why. Pink was trained for all of her competitions by her owner and best friend, Jennifer Crank. The dog was able to maintain focus and determination because her fur mother was sprinting beside her and giving her directions.

Jennifer prepared Pink for this momentous occasion during their training sessions at IncrediPAWS Dog Training in Pataskala, Ohio. According to her, she learned a great deal through observing previous competitors. Jennifer recorded what worked and what did not. Thanks to all the hard work they put in, Pink clocked in under 30 seconds with such precision, becoming the first dog to accomplish such a thing.

Aside from Pink, another winner was announced. Moses, a ten-year-old Border collie-mix, was named the best All American Dog. This award is given to the mixed-breed agility contestant with the highest score.

Lobo won the hearts of many individuals even without getting an official title. The Siberian husky became endearingly disoriented on the course but many people were amused.

Except for the 2016 success of an Australian shepherd, Pink’s victory marked the 7th consecutive year that a Border collie was declared champion of the Westminster agility competition. Pink, much like her namesake’s song, got the celebration started.

Source: Westminster Dog Show

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