A woman named Jamie Bandy and her family lost Bruiser, their gray and white pit bull, one ordinary January day. The puppy raced out to chase after a rabbit, and vanished from view.

The Bandys were stunned by what had happened, but Jamie’s ten-year-old son Tyler was the one that felt the most impact. He and Bruiser enjoyed a special bond, and the loss of the puppy visibly affected the young child.

In an effort to find the pit bull as quickly as possible, the family immediately made every effort to find Bruiser. They posted his photos on social media and also distributed flyers in their area in Polk County, Florida.

They also contacted local animal control in the hopes that he was brought to any of the local shelters. In addition, the family placed old clothing in front of their home for Bruiser to sniff. Despite all their best efforts, they were sadly unsuccessful in locating the dog even after weeks of looking.

They were prepared to move on from Bruiser’s disappearance until Jamie received surprising news in early March. The pit bull was in the custody of animal control officials in Highlands County, located more than 50 miles from their residence.

As it turned out, someone had picked up Bruiser and carried him to Highland County, where he was ultimately taken in by animal control. Fortunately, a member of their staff recognized the dog from his photos that were circulating on the internet and quickly contacted the Bandys.

Jamie was overjoyed by the news, but she chose to keep it a secret in order to surprise Tyler. When the child returned home on that day, he was both shocked and overjoyed to see his best friend safe and sound at home. That reunion is definitely one for the books.

Source: Highlands County Sheriff’s Office

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