Because of their agility, vigor, and stamina, several dog breeds are adored and coveted by tons of people around the world. Typically, these dogs are utilized for physically demanding jobs like hunting, tracking survivors during disasters, and chasing down bad guys.

Essentially, these strong dogs are muscular and fit. Some dogs, on the other hand, are characterized as lazy and they are frequently referred to as couch potatoes. The bulldog is one canine breed that may come to mind when this description is given.

One dog, however, proved everyone incorrect. Meet Rudy, a colossal bulldog that surpassed all expectations of him and his breed by winning an agility competition.

Those who attend the annual Westminster Dog Show know how entertaining it is to see these energetic canines navigate the hurdles in the hopes of winning the competition. The event usually included the brightest, fastest, and best-trained canines competing against one another.

Border Collies, Doberman Pinschers, Terriers, and Golden Retrievers are among the dog breeds likely to win as seen in the contest results through the years. Bulldogs aren’t typically among them. Rudy was determined to defy the cliché this year.

Rudy joined the agility competition and as he skirted around obstacles and flew over the bars, he impressed everyone with his speed. His performance became even more remarkable by the fact that he completed the course in under 50 seconds!

Rudy did not win the race despite his outstanding performance. Despite this, he captivated the hearts of everyone who enjoyed a good underdog story.

People expressed their appreciation and adoration for the athletic, fast bulldog on the internet. One Twitter user stated that he was completely unprepared for Rudy’s quick performance. Another person commented that a bulldog engaged in such action was a sight to behold.

Below is a video of Ruddy’s outstanding performance:

Source: FOX Sports

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