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The Cane Corso stands out among other dog breeds as they are recognized for their child-friendly attitude and behavior.

This is why when a baby girl petted a large Cane Corso, the child’s mother was not anxious that anything would go wrong. The male dog appeared to have realized the infant girl’s interest in him. He permitted her to softly pet him and sniff his nose.

The Corso, according to the dog’s owner, is extremely kind to her daughter. Other animals would have barked and growled, but not this one. The dog’s calm demeanor showed that his human parents have appropriately socialized him.

These dogs are members of the Mastiff family, which includes dog breeds recognized for their child-friendly attitude and behavior.

The fact that the dog in this video didn’t need to be closely supervised during encounters between canines and children is encouraging, given that one must closely oversee interactions between dogs and kids for safety reasons.

The dog did not bite or snap at the infant, who appeared to be enjoying herself with her canine friend. The Corso’s delicate gestures revealed his usual affection for inquisitive children.

If the dog had desired to behave differently, he certainly would have done so. He instead permitted the child to hold his mouth flaps and jowls to observe his enormous teeth.

It is intriguing that the dog did not attempt to lick or gnaw on her hands, but instead allowed her to touch his face without showing any signs of discomfort. What a wonderful dog, one that is well-suited to be with a wonderful family.

This type of canine behavior makes dog lovers want to get a Cane Corso as soon as possible. If you want such a dog, you must conduct research on this breed. You’ll also need a great deal of patience, but the effort will be worthwhile.

Source: Soul Guard kennel Cane corso

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