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We are all aware that our dogs enjoy defending us. Occasionally, though, our pets are the ones in need of rescue. As their closest companions, it is our obligation to assist them in any way possible because they have been faithful to us humans since the beginning of their domestication.

In 2018, Hurricane Florence caused an estimated $24.23 billion in damages along the east coast. People lost their lives and their houses, and even our canine companions were harmed by this violent storm.

A lucky puppy from North Carolina received a fortunate break when charitable group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) discovered her at her own home. The dog was observed pacing back and forth on the porch as PETA employees approached.

It was unclear where this dog’s owners were, but what mattered now was that she was rescued. Clearly, she was stranded on the porch for an extended period with no one to feed or warm her. Therefore, PETA staff members who were in the area decided to take her with them.

The video became viral not only because the dog was rescued, but also because of the dog’s emotional response. The cheerful and obviously relieved yellow Labrador welcomed her saviors with enthusiasm. Her tail was wagging wildly, as though she were greeting her owner who had just returned home.

Clearly, the man from PETA is not the dog’s human, but that was irrelevant. The dog was simply overjoyed that someone had come to get her. She had a pleasant smile on her face because she realized she no longer had to suffer.

During Hurricane Florence, numerous canines were abandoned by their families, who were either in a panic or unable to transport them. Volunteers and animal welfare organizations walked through the filthy floodwater to assist these unfortunate animals.

Source: Inside Edition

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