One thing that canines probably despise the most, aside from going to the vet, is taking a nice warm bath.  Some of you dog owners must have skipped this task, but for some, one whiff of their pooch’s fur can make them think that not giving them a bath is a terrible idea.

Take the Matthews family who are used to this dilemma. They aren’t strangers to this type of problem, especially Phil, their Great Alaskan Malamute, is involved.

This cute video starts with Phil and the whole family in the bathroom.  His dad starts calling him to come and jump in the tub since he terribly needed a bath. But look closely as Phil avoids any eye contact with dad simply because he dreads taking a bath.

The second time around, dad tries to get a hold of Phil to carry him in the tub. But the pooch is determined to not get his fur wet at all and always manages to escape.

Phil hides under his human sibling sitting in a chair nearby. But then he realizes that he is just too big and goes up against the wall, refusing again to look at his dad.

Finally, the parents thought of a brilliant idea! Phil has a weakness and that is his love for peanut butter. So dad takes the jar of peanut butter and smears some of it on the tub.

Phil can definitely smell the nutty peanut butter aroma though he knows quite well that it is a trap!

After a few minutes of having second thoughts about whether to fall for the trap or not, he finally decides to be given a bath so he could lick off some of his favorite peanut butter in the tub. After several scrubs with lots of soap and shampoo, Phil smells all so good and is ready to be snuggled again!

Watch how this family thought of a smart way to bathe Phil, through the video below.

Source: The Dodo via Youtube

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