After being rescued, two little kittens were able to get a dog pal to count on.

At the beginning of this year, two kittens need rescuing so someone contacted Alley Cat Rescue in LA.

Both of them are sick yet very affectionate. Love Meow learned from Alley Cat Rescue that the white with grey kitty is James, while the orange one is Jacobi.

The tabby brothers are very attached. There was never a time that they separated during their recuperation. Tiny Jacobi purrs all the time as he cuddles with James.

They always look for a warm place to sneak into. They love snuggling, the same way they adore people, dogs, and of course, each other.

As they were nursed for recovery, the kitty brothers moved to foster care where a loving dog awaits them.

The same way that the felines were rescued, Pickles, the 5-year-old huge and warm-hearted dog was also from a shelter.

Now Pickles enjoys life, and hugs every person that he encounters. Whenever his human buddies take fosters into their home, he welcomes them overwhelmingly.

Needless to say, the two kitties were not exempted. As soon as James and Jacobi arrived, the pooch went to nuzzle them, allowing the kittens to walk over him. Pickles, being so gentle, instantaneously loved and made them feel safe.

The cats love Pickles too and would stick to him for affection.

The dog has a sweet fondness for cats and kitties that need foster. With his presence, even those felines that are timid become relaxed and find their comfort.

Pickles look after James and Jacobi all the time. He is okay with all the playfulness of the kittens and always available for them whenever they need some cuddle.

Because of their canine buddy, the kitties grew into cheerful and good-looking cats.

Thanks to our friends from LoveMeow for sharing the original story.

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