Thom McCallum, a regular foster dad at a nonprofit organization in Northern California called Hopalong Animal Rescue, already had three foster dogs. However, he still took in a deaf puppy named Moz.

When the puppy was rescued, he was scrawny and had a skin condition. He needed time to recover his health before he could get adopted.

Moz immediately fell asleep as soon as Thom brought him home. He seemed so exhausted that he slept for more than a day. When he finally got up, Thom gave him a bath which he seemed to like.

Thom’s other foster dogs accepted Moz. They looked after him, too. Spending time with the other dogs helped build Moz’s self-confidence.

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Thom would take the dogs out for walks around the neighborhood. One of his neighbors, a two-year old girl named Lilian,  always greeted him and his foster dogs whenever they walked by. She had taken a liking to Moz because he was quiet and gentle. She got excited when Thom allowed her to walk the puppy.

Moz’s friendship with Lillian blossomed as they spent more time together. At first, Thom let Lillian watch over Moz for a few hours. He saw how the two hit it off, so he left the puppy with Lillian’s family when he went on a work-related trip to New Mexico.

For two weeks, Thom received videos from Lauren, Lillian’s mom. The videos showed Lillian and Moz’s wonderful relationship. The puppy constantly stayed by the little girl’s side and went along with whatever she wanted to do. Thom knew that Moz had found a home, and Lillian’s family agreed wholeheartedly.

Moz had to have complete vaccinations before Thom brought him to his forever family. Luckily, it was only two blocks away, and he could visit him from time to time.

Moz is certainly bound to have a lifelong friendship with Lillian.

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