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A horse named Destiny and a dog named Orion first met when Orion was just an eight-week-old puppy. Rebecca, Orion’s mother, brought him to the barn to familiarize him with horses. Soon enough, the two have become the best of friends.

There was once a time when they visited the barn, and Rebecca allowed Orion to investigate the stall. Destiny became curious about the dog so she extended her head to better observe Orion. The two began kissing and grooming one other at that point.

Destiny and Orion are consistently affectionate with one other. Everyone can see how much they adore one another.

Orion would complain if he was not able to visit or see Destiny. He would only cease barking when they started to approach the barn. This is because Orion already knows their destination and that he would finally be with his best friend.

There was an incident in which Destiny severely sliced her leg. She was taken to the veterinarian for x-rays. Destiny required surgery, but the veterinarians were unable to repair the wound. There was insufficient skin to seal the wound. What a horrific injury it was.

The leg of Destiny had to heal on its own. Orion was always there to provide consolation to Destiny throughout these difficult moments. He remained by her side. It’s adorable to observe animals helping one another in times of need.

These two are so close that they have duplicated each other’s interests. Destiny has come to greatly like dog toys. She engages in play as soon as he spots one.

Orion would consume grass, similar to what Destiny sometimes eats. Destiny transforms Orion into a grass-eating dog. This is how close they have grown.

Rebecca is pleased to see them together, knowing that they both have the other’s back. They have formed a familial unit.

Source: The Dodo

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