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Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. George, on the other hand, just needs another paw.

Any owner would typically not train their dog to dig garden soil. They’re afraid it may eventually lead to digging up plants.

This wasn’t the case for George and his dog, Georgia. George found a way useful way for his dog’s digging skills.

One day he thought of adding some green in his garden. He got some plants that are ready to be replanted.

So, he began to dig in his yard while Georgia was watching by. He points at a spot, and then he simply commands his dog to finish the digging job.

Georgia was more than obliged to help his dad. She zealously dug up and made way for the plants.

George shared this video of Georgia helping him plant. Thousands saw the video and immediately fell in love with Georgia.

New hands free shovel! from aww

One viewer said that it was the most enthusiastic shovel he has ever seen. What a great way to make dog digging useful.

Another viewer said that they were thinking of getting a dog. They were happy to see their video, and they have become more convinced in getting one.

George said that they’re the best companion you’ll ever have. He encouraged the viewer to go and be a dog parent.

It will be the best experience of one’s life, and there’s no need to explain why. The video just showed how great a dog can be to have around.

Another said that they would like to hire Georgia’s services. George’s response was even more hilarious, saying that his dog would work for a good ball playtime.

Dogs can really come in very handy in so many funny, useful, and intelligent ways. The best part of it is that their loyalty is unwavering.

They will stick with you through hardships and will jump in joy through fun days.

Source: Reddit

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