A dog adoption video meant to stir people up to rescue poor dogs longing for a forever family of their own was released online. The video starred an amazing actress of a dog, a beagle named Suzie, who in real life needed adoption.

In the video, Suzie incredibly portrayed the role of a dog who was left alone in the animal shelter with no one to consider as “dad” or “mom.” People looking to adopt would visit one by one, but none of them would take Suzie home. Days passed by without anyone considering her, leaving her sad and more desperate for someone to take her home.

One day, a young visitor arrived. Suzie was hoping she’d be adopted this time. To her dismay, the young visitor simply walked past her. With a sad face, Suzie would look at the young visitor, a girl, as she looked at other dogs.

To her surprise, the young girl returned, crouched to look at her face carefully, then reached out her hand to show that she wanted to take Suzie home. Finally, Suzie would have a home.

This video went viral and inspired people around the world to open their homes to sad dogs longing to be loved. It also caused people around the world to pull out some tissues and wipe tears away from their eyes.

But did you know that before the video was released, someone did adopt Suzie? Suzie was only two days at the Maryland SPCA when she was chosen for the very moving video. A 2-year-old undersocialized beagle, she appeared to be the perfect actress for the campaign.

Two days after the video was shot, a retired clergyman and educator named John Carter came to Maryland SPCA looking for the perfect dog for his twins. Guess who he took home with him?

Four days after she was rescued, Suzie the beagle finally found a forever home.

The video was posted online a long time after Suzie found a forever family. If her performance in the video made you cry and inspired you to consider adopting a dog, her real-life happy ending will make you want to do it even more.


Source: Ramona Humane Society via Facebook


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