A two-year-old dog named Bowie lost his leg back in August to a prolonged health complication. Due to his condition, he has to re-learn how to do almost everything. But because of his ever-supportive family, he figured out new ways to do mundane everyday things, like going up and down the stairs.

Bowie would lean against the wall and do a small hop when going down the stairs ever since he lost his leg. He did a lot of tries and repeated it over and over again to master it.

His little sister, Zeppelin, was observing him every time he tries to do it. When they adopted Zeppelin, Bowie already lost his leg. It did not take too much time before they become the best of friends; they were inseparable – Bowie also became a role model for Zeppelin.

Zeppelin learned how to be a dog by watching and spending most of her time with his big brother. The family remarked that two were always playing and snuggling. As Zeppelin grows older, she seemed to want to become more like Bowie.

The family, later on, noticed that Zeppelin would go down the stairs the same way as Bowie. It’s as if she was getting cues from her big brother. She would also lean against the wall and would keep her leg together when going downstairs – as if she only has three legs as well.

It’s incredible how dogs see beyond disabilities, and they view the world differently than us. I think it is good that Zeppelin follows Bowie’s every action; it makes the three-legged dog forget that losing a leg is a disadvantage. The family made the right choice by adopting Zeppelin, and now Bowie won’t feel alone anymore because Zeppelin made his everyday life great again.

Video Credit Karisa Maxwell‘s Twitter Profile

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