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An anonymous tip informed members of an animal welfare organization that a dog was confined in a greenhouse on a hilltop. They immediately went to investigate.

When they got to the area, they could hear whimpers emanating from the greenhouse, so they did not waste time. With a flashlight in hand, the responders opened the greenhouse’s hatch and observed a white dog. It felt relieved to see them and was eager to greet them. However, despite its eagerness to see the rescuers, it showed some anxiety.

The responders surveyed the area and discovered a second dog of the same breed as the first. However, this was not the worst part. Inside the greenhouse were multiple cages, each of which contained at least one lifeless dog.

Only 2 of at least 18 dogs were still alive. However, they were in poor condition. They were famished, their fur had become matted, and they were freezing because they lacked adequate protection.

It was crucial to get the canines out of that hellhole, but the responders had to do everything correctly. They sought reinforcements and returned to the greenhouse the very next morning. While some of their group fed the dog, the remainder of their group inquired about the location’s owner, but they were unable to locate him.

Suddenly, a guy appeared and confessed he was responsible for the dogs’ plight. According to him, he was contracted to care after the dogs for breeding purposes. Then, that person stopped paying him money. Even if he desired to continue providing for their needs, he lacked the funds to do so.

Later, the two canines were transported to the veterinarian for treatment. Aside from anemia brought on by malnutrition, they were quite healthy.

With ample rest, nutritious food, and the affection of their rescuers, they quickly recovered. Soon, they were ready to enjoy life once again.

In the meantime, the rescuers took care of the remains of the deceased canines. They buried them properly and released their beautiful souls so that they may ascend to dog paradise.

Source: Kritter Klub

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