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It is not unusual for dogs to enjoy watching entertaining films with their furry family. Even though they do not quite understand the dialogue, dogs cannot bear to miss any scene in the film they are watching.

Thus, two Australian Shepherds that enjoy watching movies watched “The Jungle Book” on television. As they actively participated in one of the film’s sequences, it appeared that the dogs can identify with the characters.

In this endearingly humorous clip, a grey-coated Australian Shepherd was seen lounging on a couch. Evidently, the dog found something intriguing across the room, as its eyes never left it.

Eventually, a loud sound was heard emanating from the background. The camera then zoomed in on the attentive canine before panning out to reveal the source of the background noise.

The camera then panned to a television playing the famous movie “The Jungle Book.” Even as the characters in the movie continued to walk, the attentive Australian Shepherd did not remove its eyes from the television screen for fear of missing a scene.

As the movie played, the dog continued to be attentive to what it was watching. Even when it checked its surroundings, the Australian Shepherd quickly refocused on the screen to continue watching the movie.

Now that the television was displaying a wolf pack, the Aussie’s mom informed him that she saw Mowgli at the top. It was at that moment that the Australian Shepherd’s canine sibling with brown fur joined in the fun and sat next to its sibling.

And as soon as Mom completed her announcement, the brown-coated Aussie began to bark to drive the wolves on the screen away. The grey-coated canine, however, could no longer contain its excitement as it jumped enthusiastically toward the screen.

Personally, these doggos were far more interesting than the actual movie.

Source: Rumble Viral

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