To celebrate his upcoming wedding, Vicksburg, Michigan resident Mitchell Craddock and seven of his friends, decided to have a week-long bachelor party. They pooled their money and chose to go to a cabin in the woods of Tennessee. It was going to be seven days of food, beer, and fun.

What they didn’t know was that their trip would turn into a heartwarming rescue mission.


The day after they arrived in their rented cabin, one of the guys was cooking bacon for breakfast when he noticed a dog sitting outside the open kitchen door. The pooch looked friendly, and the group went out to pet her. The group of friends also gave the canine some scraps, and she devoured all of them.

They could tell that the dog was not in good shape, and her ribs were sticking out of her skin. The guys could also see that she had some babies at some point, but it seemed she wasn’t producing milk anymore. Her pups were probably big already.

Day after day, the dog returned, so the group’s beer fund now included purchasing dog food.

Hungry litter

One thing the friends notice is that the dog would frequently go to a particular spot in the woods nearby. The men decided to check it out.

As soon as they got near the area, they saw a puppy stick his head out of a hole. One of the guys stuck his head inside the small opening and saw a litter of pups, they were probably a few weeks old. They scooped the puppies out and brought them to their cabin.

The little pups were starving because their mom couldn’t produce milk due to a lack of food. So the group of friends bought milk and fed them. They named the mama dog Annie and took care of her babies until the end of their trip. Most of their funds were spent on providing for the creatures they saved.

When they went home, they all took one canine and adopted them. As they live near each other, they frequently meet up and let the dogs play with one another.

Source: Good Morning America via Youtube

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