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A dog named Haengbok became a stray after her owners abandoned her. When that happened, she hid beneath a container van because she was so fearful of her current situation and didn’t really understand what was happening. Since then, she has never left that spot and has chosen to live in that isolated, gloomy area that was far from humans that she didn’t know.

Haengbok had difficulty with this new life. She barely survived on the streets due to her limited ability to search for food. Both of her rear legs were wounded, and she had to pull herself to move.

Fortunately, a kind woman discovered the dog. She lived close by, so she visited the dog and brought food at least twice a day. She also attempted to rescue Haengbok, but she was unable to get her from underneath the van.

Other neighbors have unsuccessfully attempted to save Haengbok. They were unsuccessful in luring the dog out of her hiding place. They intended no harm, but the dog did not really understand what they were doing.

Eventually, local rescuers came to the rescue. They learned that the owner of Haengbok abandoned her due to financial difficulties. They could no longer afford her food, let alone her medical care, so they chose to abandon her.

Haengbok required medical help, so the rescuers brought her to the local veterinary facility. The vets found out that even if the nerves in her rear legs were injured, they could still be repaired via a series of procedures. She then began getting treatment immediately and the vets hoped that she would be able to walk again.

The dog’s wounds were not caused by an accident. She was injured because someone intentionally did this to her. It may be her former owner or a complete stranger she met on the street. Because of this, she dreaded and avoided humans as much as possible.

Everything that happened in Haengbok’s life seemed to show that the dog wasn’t that lucky in life. However, after her rescue, good things began to happen for her. She not only received the necessary medical attention, but also found a new family. The woman who had been caring for her decided to adopt her.

Source: Kritter Klub

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