Golden Retrievers are sources of clean fun and happy energy. This one named Copely sure is, and his energy shot through the roof when he got his first toy stick.

The fluffball joined his hooman family not too long ago. As expected, he charmed the socks off of everyone he met, and he quickly learned he’s the boss around his home.

After meeting his new family, Copely ran about in excitement and happiness. He wanted to play with everything he could get his paws on!

His people tried their best to calm him down, but there wasn’t much they could do about this young one’s energy.

Little did they know that they haven’t seen a fraction of his true vigor until they got him his very first stick.

It all started on a random afternoon. Copely was already full of energy, but his hoomans wanted to give him something fun to play with. They then decided on getting him a stick since he was teething.

They thought the lively puppy would like it, but they were wrong. Copely thought of it as God’s gift to him, and that was enough for his family to witness their new puppy’s true spirit.

The fluffiest Golden Retriever took the stick in his mouth and ran around, wagging his tail. He was happier than ever before.

The puppy tossed, pulled, bit, and pawed at his new toy. It’s like he was playing hockey with it, but the goal was to get the stick all battered around.

The hooman family couldn’t believe what they were seeing. They thought that Copely would only stay playful for a little while, but he kept on going at it until his jaws hurt too much to continue.

It’s like this fluffball discovered the true meaning of playtime thanks to the stick. It looked like one, and we just hope this lively puppy has tons of more in the future!

Credits to DogLove 24 via YouTube

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