This dog is not afraid to show her true colors, and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. In this story, this French Bulldog stayed true to herself, and we’re all for it.

Her name’s Haru, and in this video, her best-kept secret was revealed for all the internet world to see. This happened when mom discovered Haru taking over the baby’s rocker!

This dog would sneakily climb into her hooman sister’s cozy baby rocker and chill there. Haru knew she wasn’t depriving the baby of her bed, she was just borrowing it.

Haru’s owner had just bathed and put her hooman baby to rest. The Frenchie was close by, watching her ward, but also waiting for an opportunity to do her thing.

That’s because the kiddo’s bed has given this Frenchie the best kind of sleep and comfort. Haru had all kinds of doggy beds, but none compared to her baby sister’s. We can understand why this pet was bent on claiming this bed for her own!

Haru slowly crept up and tried her best to be as nonchalant as she could. She didn’t want mom suspecting her of something off, but this Frenchie couldn’t resist the bed’s call any longer.

She hopped on it and then rested her whole body in the human cradle she wished was her own. But alas, all borrowed stuff must be returned to their rightful owner.

Sorry Haru, but you’ll have to understand that you will have to share this cradle with your hooman sister. Mommy will let you use it as long as the baby doesn’t need it. We’re sure she’ll allow it.

After all, you are the cutest dog in the world for her, so giving you that favor won’t be seen as too much. You made us smile and for that, we thank you!

Credits to Griffin Frenchie via YouTube

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