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One of the most challenging thing in this world is to lose one’s sight. It is okay to lose some other bodily functions, but when it is the sense of sight that gets affected, everything becomes complicated. Duffy, the pooch, sure knows this struggle. The dog became blind due to the infection brought by his diabetes.

Benjamin May, Duffy’s dad, said that the pooch is a rescue dog. Before the dog arrived under Benjamin’s custody, Duffy got subjected to severe maltreatment. The dog likewise did not receive nutritious food, which resulted in him being diabetic.

When he first saw the pooch, Benjamin said that Duffy looks terrible. This is the reason why he decided to adopt the pooch because he wants to give the dog a new life. He processed all the needed documents for the dog’s adoption and received an affirmation from Duffy’s animal shelter.

Benjamin then brought the pooch to his house. The dog thrived in his new community, but after just a few months, the dog lost his vision. Benjamin immediately brought the pooch to a veterinarian. The dog owner was told that the only way for Duffy to see again is through surgery.

It was a long shot for Benjamin, but he clung to his faith on the pooch. The dog owner agreed to the surgery. The surgery took about five hours, and according to the veterinarian, it went well. Duffy had to stay inside the clinic for a few days for his recovery. During this time, the dog’s eyes got covered so as not to get infected.

On the day that the cover is to be removed, Benjamin waited for the pooch outside. As soon as Duffy regained his eyesight, the pooch ran around happily and went directly to Benjamin. It was a heartwarming reunion between the owner and his beloved pooch. Watch the video below.

Credits to Benjamin May.

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