Dogs will forever be happy to spend time doing nothing with their hoomans. It’s in these quiet times that they get to be worry-free and just chill with their masters.

A perfect example is this German Shepherd named Odin. He’s furry, big, and handsome, and he’s a great guardian of both hoomans and property. We could say he’s pretty much an all-around pet.

When he’s with his dad though, he transforms into the biggest baby. If we judge this dad’s character based on Odin’s loving stares, we’d say he’s a stand-up fellow.

After all, Odin would not look at his dad like that if he wasn’t loved, pampered, and adored. This pet’s eyes reflect all the love inside his heart, and we’re all for it.

Dad wanted to capture this sweet moment between him and his boy, so he used his camera to do so. This video will forever be a reminder of their one-of-a-kind bond.

Odin was content to just be hugged by dad while he closed his eyes to rest. The dog was so enamored that he couldn’t resist kissing his dad’s cheek.

His actions were pretty much like a kid who’s in a safe and comfy place. That’s usually mom or dad for hooman babies, so Odin’s behavior isn’t off the mark.

Dad must be a stellar and loving fellow who would not hesitate to give Odin what he needs. He must be a pretty consistent one at it, hence this doggo’s starry-eyed adoration.

If only we could replicate fur dads to be like Odin’s, then we would all be better off with it. There’d be happier, well-cared for dogs everywhere, and no strays at all.

Thanks for this feel-good clip of you and your dad, Odin. May you always have sweet moments like this with your dad.

Credits to DogLove 24 via YouTube

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