It’s no secret how our canine pals love to eat every chance they get. While others indulge immediately in their meal, some dogs perform peculiar rituals first before eating.

Thus, one doggo performs a “happy dance” before chewing on its tasty treat. But, it looks like the pooch’s dance turns into a jumping spree while taking a closer look at its snack.

Ooh, a snack!

In this hilarious video, a brown-furred dog hovers over an interesting object on the kitchen’s tiled floor. At some point, the pooch tries grabbing the item with its mouth but immediately changes its mind.

If you go and take a closer look at the item, you’ll see that the canine’s trying to grab a chewy bone treat on the floor. And, since its first attempt’s a failure, the doggo gives another go at chewing its snack.

This time, it seems the dog has a better grip on the treat as it manages to grasp it with its mouth. But, as soon as the canine gives the snack a good shaking, it immediately flies off and lands on the tiled floor.

I’m so happy I have a treat for a snack!

Seeing its treat land on the floor, the doggo dashes into its location. But, instead of grabbing it, the canine taps its paws on the floor while sniffing on the treat.

At some point, the pooch toys with the doggy treat before stretching its agile body. After which, the canine resumes pawing and its snack until it decides to stop.

But, the canine’s pawing soon turns into a jumping spree until it decides it’s time to chow down its snack. With the way it looks, the dog’s ecstatic that it can’t help but “dance” happily around the treat.

Do you want to see this dog’s version of a “happy dance?” Just select the play button below to begin viewing the canine in live-action.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube

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