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Great Danes are enormous. They are even recognized as the tallest dog breed in the world. They are also incredibly robust and agile, despite their size. But they do not know that they are huge as they enjoy sitting on their owners’ laps.

Max, the dog in our story, is a Great Dane. He is as large as the rest of his species. Max’s owners are aware that despite his intimidating appearance, he is a really well-mannered dog. However, his owners are also aware that anyone who disturbs his bed will be subjected to his loud barking.

One time, Max saw his feline sibling sleeping on his bed. This is his bed, and he disliked having someone else in it. He gave the cat a frightening glare in the hopes that it would understand what he was trying to express.

But the cat simply stared back at him. Perhaps the cat did not understand him. Or perhaps she did, but she did not really care because she enjoyed lying on Max’s bed.

Therefore, Max began to try to get the cat’s attention. He began by barking loudly at the cat so that she will begin to understand. His barking was really loud and it would be safe to say that the cat really heard it. He was even able to incorporate several loud yelps.

Max didn’t stop. He continued to howl and bark.

The cat finally grasped the situation and moved to make Max’s bed available for him.

Max was certainly pleased that the cat was no longer on his bed. He then proceeded to his comfortable dog bed and laid down there to relax. The howling and barking have certainly worn him out.

Max’s owners claimed that their dog adores his bed and is irritated when other animals or people occupy it.

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