Depression and loneliness can happen to us when we lose a person we love. Losing someone is never easy and moving on would take lots of time. And what many people aren’t aware of is that this is experienced by animals too.

What do we do when our pets lose a favorite human? How can we help them move on with their lives? Would bringing a new pet to the family help?

Emilia Ivan, the owner of a Labrador named Martin, knew how the pooch felt after losing his sister. Martin once had a sister named Alma who was also his best buddy. But when Alma died a year ago, Martin didn’t take it well. Emilia noticed that he went through depression ever since his sister wasn’t by his side.

And while dogs can never speak up about how they really feel, you can easily identify their emotions through their actions. In Martin’s case, he began eating less and was less playful during his grieving period.

One day, Emilia found out that there was an abandoned kitten near their house. She felt pity and wanted to do something about it. She wanted to bring it home and care for it, but she wasn’t so sure how Martin would react to having a new family member.

When Emilia got a hold of the kitten, she still brought it home, and guess what? Martin loved the little kittie!

As seen in the video below, as soon as the little furball was introduced to Martin, he immediately hugged and kissed it. Notice how Emilia was surprised and amazed by their first interaction.

Martin cared for the tiny feline as best as he could. According to Emilia, ever since the two met, they have bonded so well and are inseparable. Emilia is also grateful that having the little kittie around has helped solve Martin’s loneliness.

Watch their heartwarming first interaction in the video below.


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