How far can you actually go to save your dog’s life? When confronted with that question, one Tennessee woman didn’t hesitate. When her puppy was in danger, Jennie Tatum put her worries and discomforts aside.

Tatum went into action after his Pit Bull Sid slid through the ice of a frozen pool. She leaped in, shattered the ice, and dragged Sid to safety. Sid would not be alive today if she didn’t respond quickly. Tatum is a hero to both humans and dogs.

Sid and his canine brother Olaf were roaming about outside when Sid took a wrong turn. They dashed into the snow-covered backyard, where a sheet of ice had formed on the family’s open pool. Sid plunged into the water without thinking as Olaf pursued him. Sid disappeared underneath the ice before anyone could respond, and he hasn’t been seen since.

From inside, Tatum witnessed the awful scene and dashed out to the pool. She dives into the pool where Sid had fallen without hesitation. She shattered the ice around her, but the puppy was nowhere to be seen.

Tatum hopped back out of the water and rushed to the other side to have a better look when she couldn’t see the 50-pound dog. Sid’s silhouette could be seen beneath the ice from there. She dashed back over to him, dragged him from the water, and brought him into the warmth of the home. In the end, her quick action may have saved his life.

Tatum is fortunate in that her next-door neighbor is a veterinarian. Because Tennessee isn’t used to this much snow, many routes were closed. If vet April Smith hadn’t assisted, Sid’s chances of receiving emergency treatment would have been minimal.

Sid had been submerged for more than 60 seconds. His lips and tongue were a strange shade of blue. Smith had to give him an emergency shot since he was barely conscious when he was brought out.

She further stated that while Sid may have first held his breath, he still required oxygen to heal. Every second counted in this situation, and Tatum saved his life.

Sid is a fortunate dog. He overcame adversity that few other dogs have, and it’s allowing to his devoted mother. Sid has recovered completely and is happily playing with his toys as usual.

Even though the snow has melted, he now avoids the pool at all costs. While many have hailed Tatum as a hero, she claims she did nothing more than any other dog lover would. She’d do the same thing if a dog were in danger.

Tatum doesn’t have a pool cover since she claims they keep it open all year. Not long before this terrible circumstance, the piping that keeps the pool from ice over broke. The family has now published the video footage as a warning to other dog owners.

Here’s where you can see the incredible footage:

Credits: ABC7 via YouTube

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