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​We always hear stories about owners abandoning their dogs for many reasons. Some owners welcome a new baby, others no longer want to take care of their dog, especially if it’s sick or injured. Dogs are known to be loyal to their owners. However, we can’t always assure that owners can reciprocate their dogs’ unconditional love.

Maria the Dachshund is one of those dogs who ended up dumped by her owner. What’s even disheartening is that Maria was pregnant and paralyzed. Imagine the ordeal the poor dog has to undergo without someone to care for her. Luckily, angels don’t necessarily have wings.

They can be pet rescuers dedicated to creating a better life for abandoned pets. Maria’s owners were backyard breeders. Unfortunately, they no longer wanted to keep Maria when she got pregnant in 2014. Friends Of Emma changed how the story ends. When these kind rescuers found Maria, she had fleas, injured rear legs and was pregnant.

Rescuers discovered that long before Maria became pregnant, there was already a problem with her rear legs. Her irresponsible owner continued to breed her despite having paralyzed legs. Maria received all the love and attention she needed to recover physically and emotionally. While she had a c-section, she was able to deliver 7 healthy puppies.

The rescuers even call Maria and her babies as the “Von Dapp Family”. They also took good care of the puppies just like what they did to Maria. The rescuers made sure that they will find a loving home for them. Maria cuddles her pups and also nurses herself back to health.

Her recovery process wasn’t easy. Because of all the efforts that rescuers put in, she showed great improvement. Maria’s life story didn’t have a great start, but her angels made sure she would have a happy ending.

Watch this video for more of Maria’s story:

Video by Friends Of Emma Medical Rescue via YouTube.

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