Lakita was sleeping on top of trash, barely surviving, when somebody called Tracy Korfhage for help. The owner of the house where Lakita would sometimes stay was scared that the dog was going to die. The dog was barely moving, and she smelled terrible. They didn’t know what to do, so she called Tracy and her organization.

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Tracy belongs to the MisPits and friends rescue organization, and they don’t ordinarily do street rescues. But in this case, she felt that she had to do something. When Tracy first saw Lakita, her heart dropped. She couldn’t help but tear up. The Pit Bull looked very weak and was severely malnourished. But worse of all, Lakita’s face looked defeated. It was as if she had lost all hope for life.

Turning Lakita’s life around

Tracy knew then that she would do everything to help this dog. First, she brought Lakita to animal control. Tracy wanted to make sure that no one was looking for the dog. Next, she took her home. The kind foster parent cleaned up Lakita and fed her. And for the next few weeks, she created a meal plan for Lakita to help strengthen her with the proper diet. She also tried to give the pooch all the space that she needed. She wanted Lakita to feel safe in her new environment.

Tracy’s plan worked. Lakita put on some weight quickly, and she was also able to relax and rest. In time, she started to become active. She started playing with toys and running all over the yard. When Tray saw that Lakita had regained her confidence and started becoming a happy dog, she knew that it was time for her to find a permanent home.

Ashtyn Garrison saw some of Lakita’s pictures and fell in love with her. She and her husband Sebastian adopted the dog and introduced her to their family. Lakita felt at home right away. She loves being around the kids and would play with them often. She doesn’t have to worry about her meals anymore. And she lives a pampered life with all the people that love her.

Source: The Dodo via Youtube

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