A man named Steve Graig had recently lost one of his favorite pets. To fill the void created by such a loss, he created a great plan. He went to a local shelter and requested for the dog with the least likelihood of being adopted.

Eeyore, a 12-year-old chihuahua, was the dog adopted by Steve. Due to his age, he was frequently ignored. In addition, Eeyore suffered from knee and heart issues.

After that, Steve continued to adopt unwanted pets, with the majority being elderly canines. He refers to his small family as “The Wolfgangs.”

In addition to dogs, The Wolfgang includes a pig named Bikini, a chicken named Betty, and some rabbits.

Although Steve is pleased to have The Wolfgang, it is not simple to care for all of them at once. He rises early in the morning to prepare them breakfast. In addition, the majority of these animals require a specialized diet to meet their requirements.

For instance, little Englebert, who lacks a lower jaw, needs help from Steve when eating. To assist him, Steve prepares soft foods. This shows Steve’s commitment to caring for The Wolfgang.

Steve also constructed a wheelchair for Doris. Doris has kidney disease and cardiovascular issues. The wheelchair with purple and pink highlights was custom-made by Steve for Doris.

It appears that Steve has no plans to stop any time soon. In fact, he just adopted another dog. He adopted John Henry from a rescue organization in Florida.

When Steve met John Henry, they connected immediately. He called him John Henry in honor of his longtime friend who had recently passed away from cancer.

Steve and The Wolfgang constantly pose for adorable photographs while cuddling. However, they also promote dog rescue organizations such as Susie’s Senior Dogs and Maxfund Rescue.

Steve and The Wolfgang have more than 900,000 Instagram followers at the time of writing.

Source: Steve Greig

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