Fur parents surely love their canine buddies so much that they want to give all their needs to make them happy. Some fur parents even go to the lengths of crafting costumes to make their fur babies look more adorable.

With this, one can see an Akita Inu wearing a hat that her fur mom makes her wear for their video shoot. Yet, it looks like the canine’s not at all thrilled with its newest accessory as it chooses to walk out instead.

Umm, Mom? What’s this thing on my head?

In an intriguing footage, an Akita Inu stands on a tiled floor. At first, you’ll think the dog’s merely resting from an energetic activity as it stays standing in the same spot.

However, you’ll soon notice that the Akita Inu wears a black-and-pink hat on its head. It turns out, the Akita Inu’s fur mom makes it wear its new hat for Mom to have a good look at how the hat looks on the doggo.

Seeing how adorable her canine buddy is, Mom then zooms the camera on its face to see its reaction. Yet, when the doggo senses that the camera focuses on its face, it immediately lowers its gaze to the floor.

No, I don’t like it. Period.

For the next few seconds, the Akita Inu continues staring at the floor, never once making eye contact with the camera. The doggo even purses its lips to further show that it’s displeased with what’s happening.

With the way it looks, the Akita Inu isn’t thrilled with the new hat that Mom makes it wear. Thus, to make its displeasure known, the doggo continues frowning and refusing to make eye contact with Mom.

Yet, when the Akita Inu can no longer hold its annoyance, it quickly turns around and walks out of the room. Can’t believe how funny dogs look when they don’t like what their fur parents make them wear? Catch the adorable Akita Inu’s reaction live through the linked footage below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube 

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