A morbidly obese beagle whose weight kept ballooning now seems like an entirely different dog after she got her weight under control.

At her heaviest, eight-year-old Snuffy weighed almost 65 pounds, which is nearly triple the recommended weight for her breed.

She lived with elderly fur parents who meant well but caused her extreme weight gain because they showed their love for Snuffy through food.

They gave the beagle large meals, and she would snack in between on ham and turkey slices. She also did not get enough exercise to burn the excess calories off.

Caroline Webster, an assistant at the veterinary clinic in Herndon, Virginia where Snuffy and her owners go, had known the beagle for years.

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As she had a bond with Snuffy, the senior couple called her to ask if she would be willing to adopt the beagle—they were moving away and couldn’t care for her any longer.

Caroline was “thrilled” as she loved Snuffy. However, she also knew she had her work cut out for her. The beagle couldn’t even scratch her ears because of her oversized body.

The first time Caroline brought the beagle home to her third-floor apartment, she thought Snuffy would have a heart attack from all the effort she exerted to be able to walk up the stairs.

Also, when Snuffy slept, she had a rumbling snore like that of a “grown man,” probably because she found it hard to breathe.

Caroline immediately placed the beagle on a strict weight-loss regimen that consisted of only two meals a day and daily walks, with weekend strolls being longer.

For the first few months, Caroline did not give Snuffy any snacks at all. But when the dog stuck faithfully to her regimen, her new fur mom decided that around five treats a week would not set back her progress.

In just four months, Snuffy shed 24.5 pounds and transformed into an active, playful dog. She can now scratch her ears, and going up a few flights of stairs to Caroline’s apartment is no big deal for her at all.

Snuffy has also begun chasing after smaller animals like birds and squirrels, and she would even zip around the house in a sudden burst of energy. Lastly, the heavy snoring at night disappeared.

The eight-year-old beagle is much happier than before now that she’s healthy. “I think she genuinely feels like a puppy again,” says Caroline.

Watch Snuffy’s story here:

Source: SWNS TV on YouTube


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