Nieve lived as a stray. She was born to a stray momma dog and she lived her entire life on the streets, uncared for by anyone. She had difficulty finding food and staying alive. Soon she quickly fell ill.

Without medical attention, Nieve’s condition worsened. Her condition deteriorated so rapidly that she lost nearly all her hair. Her skin became rough and raw, and her infected sores caused her excruciating agony and suffering.

People were repulsed by Nieve’s appearance. They chased her away because they did not want her close. This is why Nieve chose to seek sanctuary in an abandoned car tire she discovered in front of an empty lot. She had nowhere else to go.

While the majority of the people living in the area were shocked, a few felt pity for the poor canine. They provided her with food whenever they encountered her and reached out to rescue organizations to help her. Shortly thereafter, they made touch with Caki Bravo of the rescue group Caki Dog Rescue.

Caki did not waste any time and responded instantly. When he saw Nieve, his heart broke, and he immediately realized that her odds of surviving the approaching winter were nearly nonexistent. He needed to act immediately to save her and he soon successfully did so.

Nieve shivered because of the cold weather. She trembled even when she was finally able to sleep in a warm room while wrapped in a blanket. She did not feel much better or more comfortable until she began receiving treatment.

Nieve was able to recover with the assistance of regular medicated baths, rounds of potent antibiotics, vitamin-rich foods, and numerous nutritional supplements. Her improvement was initially modest yet consistent. And two months later, she rebounded and fully recovered.

The dog possesses a sweet spirit and a lovely black coat. She has a happy life with her rescue family, but she hopes to spend the remainder of her days in her own home.

Source: Animal Rescue

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