Mark Woods, who lives in Cornwall, southwest England, announced on Facebook that he plans to euthanize his 18-year-old whippet, Walnut. He invited people to come and join him for a walk on the beach. Surprisingly, more than a hundred people showed up.

According to Mark, his beloved pet had lost its strength, leaving him weak and incapacitated. He didn’t want to see his dog suffering, so Mark feels the time has come for Walnut to be put down. On Saturday afternoon, Woods announced the death of his beloved dog, Walnut, on Facebook.

Many people showered him with sympathy and encouragement. Woods didn’t forget to thank everyone for their kind words. Anyone who has ever lost a pet knows how difficult it is.

When a pet dies, the loss is as painful as losing a family member or close friend. There are many stages of grief when you lose a loved one, and this applies to your animal friends as well. In some ways, the death of a beloved companion can be more traumatic than that of a human.

Many people don’t understand the depth of a person’s grief when a pet dies. Some do not believe that you can grieve for an animal, or that their loss should be as important as the death of a human being. They are unable to comprehend the connection people can feel with an animal until they experience it themselves.

Pets like dogs offer unconditional love and friendship, which is usually more than any human can provide. That’s why when a beloved pet dies, it can be very difficult to get over the loss. So treasure them more and make the most of every minute you spend together.

As a pet owner, it will be normal for you to feel sadness when your pet dies, but knowing how to grieve and what to expect can help you move on.

You can watch the full video here.

Credit: Inside Edition

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