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In 2019, social media pages for lost canines began posting about a white dog roaming Bakersfield, California’s crowded streets. Numerous individuals attempted to capture the dog because they were concerned about it, but the animal consistently avoided capture.

People spotted the dog throughout the city, particularly in parking lots.

Local animal shelter A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue attempted to capture the dog. A crew was dispatched to the dog’s last reported location. The squad discovered the dog in a secluded parking lot at night. The rescuers cautiously approached the dog.

A member of the crew sat next to the dog and offered it a squeaky toy. The dog carefully approached the rescuer. However, it maintained a few feet of space between them. Eventually, the dog left.

The next day, the group attempted to capture the dog again. They met a woman named Carly who had previously interacted with the dog. The crew realized that this woman could aid in the dog’s rescue. The woman agreed, and a leash was given to her.

When Carly attempted to attach the leash to the dog, the animal quickly retreated.

Since then, Carly could no longer approach the dog. Carly needed to leave shortly thereafter and left the dog with the rescue group. Similar to the previous day, the team had no success approaching the dog they named Mira.

The group returned later that evening. This time, Mira was accompanied by another woman named Julie. Julie agreed to assist in capturing the dog. Julie led the dog into a fenced parking lot because she already had a rapport with the animal.

The team entered once the area was secured. After several hours of calming the dog down, the team was able to capture it successfully. The dog was brought to the animal shelter by the rescuers.

Now, Mira lives in a place away from the risk of being struck by passing vehicles. The rescuers anticipate finding Mira a new home soon.

Source: A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue

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