Danny Spanks is a radio DJ who has a soft spot for dogs. While browsing his social media timeline, Danny came across a post that featured a dog named Mama who was abandoned in a huge farming field. After reading about the post, Danny decided to do something to help rescue the poor creature.

It didn’t take long for Danny to find Mama and he saw how pitiful Mama’s living conditions were. Mama was malnourished and distrusted humans. Danny decided to involve himself in rescuing Mama and pledged that he would win her trust no matter how long it would take.

When Danny first saw Mama, he knew that it was going to take a lot of work to gain her trust. Whenever Mama saw Danny or any other humans, she would run away to avoid contact. However, Danny didn’t give up and he visited Mama every day in the field to show Mama that he could be trusted.

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Danny would sit in the middle of the empty field and spend hours tossing Mama some food. Every day, Mama would get closer to Danny and she also started getting used to Danny being there. Once Mama realized that Danny is a source of food, Mama started to follow him wherever he went.

Eventually, Mama trusted Danny enough that she would start taking food out of Danny’s hands. They also started playing and chasing each other but Mama still refused to be touched and would always bark at Danny whenever he tried petting her.

Mama wanted to trust Danny so much that she would always crawl towards Danny’s back to sniff him. Unfortunately, Mama still couldn’t get over her trust issues and Danny was left with no choice but to build a cage to trap Mama.

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After getting Mama used to the trap’s presence, Danny tried feeding Mama inside, Danny’s plan worked and he was finally able to catch Mama. Danny gets Mama out of the field and he felt so relieved and overwhelmed after Mama lets Danny touch and pet her for the first time.

Danny spent months gaining the trust of an abandoned dog. Danny drove an hour every single day to get to the field to feed Mama and spend time with her. Thanks to Danny’s efforts, Mama was finally rescued and she was also adopted by Danny. Here’s a heartwarming video showing how Danny’s patience paid off when he rescued Mama.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube

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