Ted is a stray German Shepherd mix that was brought to the Northwest Territories SPCA shelter in Canada. Like most newcomers in a shelter, the two-year-old dog was scared and confused about his surroundings.

He was visibly scared and tried as much as he can to avoid human interactions. He refuses to look at anyone and would cower at one corner of his kennel. Even though a lot of the shelter staff tried to play with him. he did his best to ignore any advances.

Until she met Abbey.

A way to a dog’s heart

Abbey is a part-time airport employee that volunteers at the shelter in her spare time. The day after Ted arrived, Abbey came in, and one of her tasks is to take Ted out for a walk.

As expected, the frightened pooch ignored her no matter how much she tried to be friendly with him. Ted simply didn’t trust anyone.

Abbey was determined to accomplish her mission, though. So she tried to gain her trust in the one way she knows best. Give the dog a treat. The volunteer got some cheese-flavored bacon strips and gave them to the pup. Amazingly, her ploy worked.

The young woman took Ted out for a walk, and the dog started to trust her more. When they got back, Abbey asked one of the maintenance men if he could build Ted a bigger kennel. The two didn’t interact for the rest of the day.

Finding Ms. Abbey

The shelter volunteer went home at the end of the day thinking nothing of her earlier interaction with Ted. She slept early, woke up at three in the morning then went to her job at the airport. Three hours after, her shift ended then she went home.

When she got back to her house, she was surprised to see that a dog was sitting on her deck. At first, she was afraid to approach her house. But when she saw that the dog was not aggressive, she decided to slowly try to get past the strange pooch.

But when the kind young lady got closer, she saw a mark on the dog’s nose and realized that it was Ted. The shelter dog escaped from his kennel, jumped over the shelter’s wire fence, and actually found her house three miles away. She returned Ted that very same day.

Abbey believes that this happened for a reason. After several weeks, she adopted Ted.

Source: Abbey Boyd via CBC News North

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