Meet Teddy, a three-year-old dog who is curious yet careful. He’s scared of some things like boxes and pillows. Thus, his approach to anything new is always with caution — in case he needs to put another thing on his list of things he doesn’t like.

According to Johnathan Lower, his fur dad, the pooch is cautious of almost everything. However, once Teddy starts to warm up to something, he can also be overly brave.

Lower and Teddy love filming videos together, and the pooch has learned to sit still to get a good shot. Recently, they were filming for Valentine’s Day when Lower brought him cookies as a present. He brought a balloon as a prop as well. However, Teddy was not ready for something new, so he completely lost focus.

And that’s when Lower finally realized it was Teddy’s first time seeing a balloon. And the pooch literally could not look away from it.

As the fur dad tried to continue filming the video, Teddy could do nothing but stare at the balloon. The dog was perfectly still, but his eyes were only on the balloon and nothing else.

Lower felt that continuing to film might lead to Teddy getting scared of the balloon. Therefore, he decided to pull it down and let his dog inspect it to show him there was nothing to be scared of about it. However, when he once again released the balloon, Teddy kept staring.

The two were shooting the video in the room that Lower had made for Teddy. However, his dad realized Teddy wouldn’t be paying any attention again until the balloon was out of the room.

Although Teddy loves lots of things, there are also some things that he doesn’t like. As it turns out, he is also not a big fan of balloons.


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Credits to Johnathan Lower

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