Animal senses are undeniably superior than humans. On this note, dogs have a heightened sense of smell. Their noses function differently than the human nose. This explains how dogs with sensory disabilities are still able to sense the world around them.

It is said that Cocker Spaniel dogs do not usually have a long lifespan. During their senior years, some of their senses would deteriorate. Thus, they would need a little help in recognizing and distinguishing things and people.

At the age of 15 years old, a certain Cocker Spaniel can no longer see clearly. Despite her condition, she chose to remain happy and excited about life.

Though suffering from diminishing eyesight, the senior Cocker Spaniel’s sense of hearing and smelling are still at their peak. She uses these senses to live her remaining days happily.

Jase, the Cocker Spaniel’s pet dad, would lovingly call out for her. She knows his dad’s voice very well. Upon hearing his voice, she would easily get excited and approach him happily.

The senior Cocker Spaniel has some human friends as well. She would first determine their scent to make sure it’s one of her friends. When she finally knows who it was, she would joyfully jump and actively run around her friend.

These heart-warming moments were captured by Jase. He posted about them on his Twitter account and garnered a lot of excitement and comments.

One Twitter user commented on Jase’s post saying that when she saw his Cocker Spaniel’s video, she was reminded of her own senior dog. She also said that the video made her happy and hopeful for better days.

Many of the social media users were amazed by the care and love Jase has given his Cocker Spaniel. Others also said that the senior dog reminded them of their own dogs and the similar situation they had.

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Source The Animal Rescue Site via Reddit

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