Barb Felt, the owner of Rolling Oak Goldens, has been breeding Golden retrievers for over four decades. But for the first time, she met a litter that was most unusual and special.

A special pup

The special litter of Golden Retriever Barb was referring to comprised of all 11 girls, which is rare. But the most peculiar one was the puppy with a missing paw. Barb knew right away this pup was born with a special purpose, and she wanted to give her to the right person.

As the pup had no official name yet, Barb posted a request on Facebook, asking for name ideas for the said puppy. A lot of people pitched in; others said they wanted to adopt the pup. Despite the outpour of adoption requests for the puppy, Barb had to hold out for a while to find the perfect owner.

Barb heard the story of another puppy with a missing paw being adopted by a child with prosthetics. That story inspired Barb, and she wanted the pup to go to someone with a limb difference.

Paxton meets Marvel

Fortunately, one of Barb’s former clients mentioned Paxton Williams, a kid with a prosthetic leg. Barb wanted Paxton’s family to meet the wonderful pup and offer her to them for adoption. So, Barb reached out to Paxton’s dad and pitched the idea. Paxton’s family was thrilled to meet the pup, who, at that point, was unofficially named Marvel.

But the one who was most happy about it was Paxton himself. And being a huge avengers fan himself, he decided to keep Marvel as the dog’s name. But more than anything, Paxton was thrilled to keep the puppy.

It took three weeks to process the adoption, but both Barb and the Williams family knew that Paxton and Marvel were destined to meet and become best friends. Barb is happy that Marvel is going to a good family.

Marvel has settled in nicely with her new family. She’s bonding with Paxton, now her human best friend. The two of them make the perfect match, and we’re rooting to see them go through adventures together, hand-in-paw.

Thanks to Rolling Oak Gardens

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