Higgins came in a shelter named Humane Society of Preble County when he was still young. Staff members of the shelter witnessed him grow until his first owners fully adopted him. Unfortunately, it seemed that they abandoned him intentionally since no one found him when he came back to the shelter as a stray dog.

When Higgins reached six years old, the staff members of the shelter thought that his age would make it difficult to help him get adopted. Most of the dogs in the shelter were easily adopted; in fact, a total of 2,340 dogs were adopted since he stayed there. Unfortunately, shelter visitors didn’t want to adopt him because he looked very lonely and serious in the shelter; in fact, he spent his days lying in a kennel alone. He had a vibrant personality before; however, it changed after he was abandoned by his first owners.

Higgins stayed in the shelter for many years since no one wanted to adopt him. His despairing and uncertain life was finally ended when Brandon Reed decided to give him a second chance to have a comfortable life outside the shelter. When Brandon bought a new house near the shelter, he came up with an idea to adopt the dog that would complete his family.

Brandon immediately decided to adopt Higgins after he discovered its agonizing experience from its first owners. He wanted to give it a satisfying life in its remaining years since it was almost a senior dog. An Executive Director of the Humane Society of Preble County confirmed that its intimidating facial expressions caused its struggles to find a new family. It had a serious facial expression that made it looked frightening; however, its positive traits made it special.

After several years, Higgins found the new family that would love him unconditionally despite any probable shortcomings which would come to his life. He was relieved when his long journey in finding his forever home was finally finished. And so, all of the staff members of the shelter were so happy for him. He was very blessed to have a good-hearted owner who had sympathy for senior animals.

When Brandon was still young, his mother named Michelle Reed imparted the importance of showing kindness and affection to senior dogs. He grew up in a family who had unconditional love for senior animals. In fact, Michelle managed the shelter named Haleeā€™s Promise Dog Sanctuary that prioritized senior dogs’ welfare.

As Higgins reaches senior age, Brandon wants to make sure that he has everything that he needs to have the most promising life ever that he deserves. Now, he has an extremely enjoyable life with an adoring family who oversees his health and wellness very well.

Credits to Humane Society of Preble County


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