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Katie and JoAnn, two volunteers from the renowned charity Hope For Paws in Los Angeles, California, responded immediately when they received a call about a homeless puppy living under a parked van. They took note of the location and immediately set out to rescue the dog. They agreed that fast action was necessary.

The ladies met the person who made the call. They thanked her for watching the dog and discovered that she was a devoted fan and supporter of their group. She ensured that the dog was present when they came.

Katie sat on the ground and threw cheeseburger bits at the dog. She took her time to become her buddy. Later, she urged the dog to approach her so she could examine her closely.

The dog was intrigued, but she was hesitant to approach the rescuer. She consumed some food and then limped away. They chose to follow her.

While pursuing the dog, the rescuers met the family who cared for her. They decided to catch her after agreeing to push her into their fenced yard. Rene, one of the boys of the family, arrived unexpectedly and made the rescue mission much simpler.

Rene was the only individual whom the dog trusted. Since he had shown her kindness from the beginning, she knew he would not harm her. She was so pleased to see him that she eagerly followed him into the yard.

JoAnn handed the Lucky Leash to Rene and instructed him to place it on the dog. Katie later asked whether he had named the dog, to which he responded that he called it Leslie. He and his family took care of Leslie for more than a week, but they were unable to adopt her, so they sought assistance.

The fracture Leslie had caused her so much pain. However, following multiple surgical procedures, her leg completely recovered.

Thanks to Rene and his family, her rescuers JoAnn and Katie, and her foster mother Yagmur, who eventually became her adoptive mother, she found an entirely new reason to begin again.

Source: Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel

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