Most dogs are trainable and usually exhibit a positive attitude towards all sorts of activities, particularly training. If trained properly, dogs can execute a wide range of commands, from fun tricks to lifesaving maneuvers. Some dogs could even go as far as to maintaining specialized jobs as rescue or therapeutic canines.

However, we don’t expect the same thing from cats. Cats are intelligent creatures, but they live in an entirely different universe from dogs. Cats usually do things their way, and it’s quite common for them to enjoy the day without doing much.

What most dogs enjoy doing, such as training and a game of fetch don’t seem to catch a cat’s attention. Felines would rather lounge around and observe their environment. They sometimes do a little stretching, and a bit of hunting, if they’re up for it.

There are quite a few exceptional cats, though. Yes, there are cats, although there are very few of them, who are willing to be trained to do tricks – sometimes in exchange for food, and sometimes, in exchange for attention. One of these cats is shown in the video below.

Didga, the cat in the video, lives with two of her Rottie siblings, Lucy and Phoenix. Both of her Rottie siblings are smart; they could easily pick up commands such as sit, down, and even roll over. But they aren’t the only ones who deserve all their human’s attention! Didga may be a cat, but she can do all these dogs could do! Watch and see for yourself how she did it:

Didga is one hell of a copycat if you ask me! After all, she did all the tricks just by imitating what the other two did. Nonetheless, Didga is one smart copycat, and I bet you won’t get to see anything like this every day!

Source CATMANTOO via Youtube

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