The pug is one of the prettiest (and ugliest) dog breeds in the world, with its wrinkled faces and small compact bodies. Of course, we don’t intend this in a derogatory manner. Hundreds of thousands of pug owners throughout the world can attest to the fact that pugs are adorable.

Pugs have a lot of interesting characteristics. For starters, they have been around for millennia. Pugs were kept as pets in Tibetan monasteries in 400 BC, according to historians, and Chinese emperors owned them as well.

Even Dutch aristocracy in the 1500s adored pugs so much that they took these animals with them wherever they went, even on long excursions abroad.

Pugs have become much more popular in recent years than they were in years past. They’ve kept their charming and cheerful personality, as well as their trademark appearance: an abnormally compact and wrinkled physique. And people have become really charmed by this very unique dog breed.

They have distinctive characteristics as well, but we think you’ll be more intrigued by a small pug with a unique technique of navigating a flight of stairs.

Morty the Pug is filmed climbing the stairs of his family’s home in the video that you will find here. This is how he regularly climbs the stairs, according to his owner, and he does it every time he wants to go to sleep upstairs.

It’s no mean feat because leaping up the steps with all four paws necessitates exceptional body coordination, balance, and timing – not to mention that he’s a pug with short legs and a small body! It surely is quite an entertaining thing to watch.

We’re not sure how Morty figured out how to jump his way to the top, but we hope you enjoyed this video.

Check out the video and see what happens to this adorable pug:

Source: killorn

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