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If you’re a dog owner, much so with a dog of a Golden Retriever breed, you would know how hard it is to drag the dog into the shower area.

For some reason, a lot of dogs are really afraid of the water. Most owners, take the extra mile just to make their dog smelling fresh. One of the solutions, when they can’t control their dogs anymore during bath time, is to take them to the local groomer to get the job done.

But, of course, we all know how much money that costs. And not every dog owner out there can have the money to get their dogs cleaned at least every week.

This is not the case, however for this dog. He is Franklin. He’s also your average Golden Retriever who’s very loyal, fun, playful, and loving. For Anam Rahman, Franklin was just like any other dogs out there who don’t want to take a bath.

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But Anam, of course, wanted to make the best out of the situation. So she found another way for her dog to take a bath.

Being the busy person that she is, Anam’s always used to multitasking and doing things while she’s on-the-go. This is where the idea of having Franklin took a bath in the kitchen sink.

In this way, at least she can wash both the dishes and her dog. Anam shared that it all started when she’s about to go to work, and, naturally, being on a rush, she couldn’t deal to drag Franklin inside the bathroom just to bathe him.

“It was so much easier because I could do his paws and his underbelly, and I didn’t have to wash his entire back,” she shared in an interview with DogTube.

Franklin, now a full-sized dog is 66 pounds (29.94 kg). His weight makes it hard for his owner to be able to get him in the sink.

Pictures of Franklin circulated even on Twitter, and comments says that he might be Photoshop to be in the sink because people aren’t really used to dogs bathing on it.

Not Franklin, though.

Source: WeRateDogs via Twitter



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